Outsourcing Industrial Security Professionals & Compliance


If you are responsible for U.S. government regulated security services, you may be confronted with these daily pressures:


  • Sub-optimal compliance processes
  • Talent shortages
  • Additional national or global compliance requirements
  • Concerns about risks and potential loss from high-profile security incidents
  • Migration to more integrated and sophisticated technology solutions
  • Budget constraints that require doing more with less


The decision to outsource a proprietary clearance management and compliance program is an organizational change that must consider a number of factors including process impact, corporate culture and value-drivers. Is the goal of outsourcing to increase capacity and talent or to contain costs, or both? A thorough evaluation of each process across the enterprise is critical to analyze each function and whether it is better served through proprietary means or selective outsourcing. With either solution the company still owns the accountability for meeting its regulatory commitments.


Several benefits of contracting compliance and regulatory functions include:


  • Cost controls and efficiencies
  • Proactive and collaborative identification of weaknesses and liabilities
  • Leverage combined strengths of partnership
  • Utilize training best practices
  • Allows for greater focus on your business’ core competencies
  • Scalability for program and contract fluctuations


SCIS is a trusted supply chain partner for professional security services and offer a number of contract clearance management and industrial security professionals to support:


  • Clearance Processing
  • Contract AFSO
  • DISS Support
  • DCSA Compliance Consulting & Vulnerability Assessment
  • Secure Web Fingerprint Transmission (SWFT)
  • Visit Request Consolidation
  • And Much More…


SCIS provides innovative, cost-effective solutions working to ensure the safety and security of the assets of the U.S. Government and government contractors worldwide. We have been recognized repeatedly for excellence in industrial security compliance and are Safety Act Certified.