COVID-19 Specialized Support Services

Actively monitoring the COVID-19 situation and providing services to keep your people, clients, and community safe.

COVID-19 presents both immediate and longer-term challenges to businesses attempting to make their workplaces accessible and safer to their employees and visitors. These access challenges will continue to evolve as information on COVID-19, regulations and public expectations progress in the weeks and months ahead. In resonse, SCIS and Paragon have developed and deployed an extensive knowledge base of best practices for COVID-19 access control screening and contact tracing services. These practices are based on SCIS’ specific experience, across a broad range of industrial and government clients, and in alignment with the regulatory guidance provided by agencies such as the CDC, OSHA and the FDA.


Striking a balance between operational security and essential business needs is a challenge that all levels of leadership are working to achieve. Ensuring the safety and security of our personnel, our client’s employees and U.S. Government assets is, and always has been, our primary mission focus. SCIS is working to ensure that officers have the safest possible working conditions and that our organization is ensuring continuity through COVID-19.


Dynamic best practices and protocols. Specialty-trained officers. Site-specific expertise. SCIS is deeply and uniquely positioned to address your service needs during the pandemic. Learn more about our speciality service offerings.