Security Solutions

SCIS incorporates technology, people, and knowledge to create high-performing security solutions.

Managed by SCIS

We deliver added value by investing in technology installed at the client’s site. This means that we take full responsibility for technology investments, on-site installation and maintenance of security equipment. SCIS owns the hardware and the cost is distributed as part of the contract fee. By investing in our customers’ security, we ensure quality throughout the contract period, competitiveness in terms of price, and added value through adjustable scaling of required security equipment.


Flexible solutions

To ensure that our customers receive the right security solution for their specific needs, SCIS conducts a thorough initial analysis of their situation and requirements. Our experience and ability to draw on Group-wide best practice for security management mean that our customers are presented with appropriate security alternatives.


Our security solutions are flexible, enabling us to work with many different technology suppliers. To ensure high quality, we have general agreements with some of the world’s leading suppliers of cameras and other security technology.

One point of contact for design, installation and service.

Real-time security programs to supplement your security needs.

Security patrols when you need it, or when an alarm sounds.