Active Shooter & Workplace Violence Training

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Security personnel are well versed in the ‘Run, Hide, Fight’ mantra. However, there is a challenge: reaching the remaining employees. How do we ensure that all employees understand today’s workplace threats? While we cannot escape active shooter and workplace violence threats, not adequately preparing for them can be a serious failure on our part. As with most security incidents, our situational awareness is heightened shortly after an incident but then quickly returns to previous levels.


Therefore, coverage of workplace violence and active shooter response training topics, as well as emergency planning, is a crucial proactive corporate policy. Individuals need to internalize ahead of time how they will respond to these situations. In today’s highly regulated and liability conscious society, training and repetition provide lifesaving skills that may one day save your employees’ lives.


From the contractor to the C-Suite, all personnel should be aware of the types and early warning signs of workplace violence, as well as survival tips and the resources available to them. SCIS can support your efforts through program development and the delivery of active shooter awareness/workplace violence training. Our instructor led courses can be customized to your specific working environments and populations.


Typical topics include:

  • Introduction/Definition
  • Case History/Statistics
  • Types of Workplace Violence
  • Early Warning Signs
  • Situational Awareness
  • Pre-Planning
  • Run, Hide, Fight
  • Early Warning Signs
  • Law Enforcement Response