Decommissioning & ISFSI Expertise

Most Experienced Security Partner in the Industry

SCIS has led decommissioning activities at over half of U.S. ISFSI locations
including Connecticut Yankee, Yankee Rowe, Maine Yankee, Big Rock Point, Dairyland, and Zion.

Full service Approach
to Decommissioning

  • Managing Dynamic Staffing Requirements
  • Providing Industry Tested Training
  • Overseeing Complex Fuel Moves
  • Maintaining a Professional, Engaged Security Workforce

Hosts Annual Conference
Specific to ISFSI Concerns

  • Best Practice Sharing
  • Regulatory Updates
  • Networking


17th Annual Decommissioning/ ISFSI Conference


Location & Dates




Presentations from the NRC & NEI

Decommissioning Rule Update

ISFSI Best Practices

Employee Engagement

Networking Events


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