The Energy Sector provides specialized protective services for owners and operators of nuclear power, fuel storage and energy facilities.


Since 1968, SCIS and its predecessor companies have successfully developed an experienced management team that is knowledgeable and adheres to the stringent federal regulatory environment to keep pace with its dynamic requirements.


Using this expertise, we provide both armed and unarmed permanent security and augmentation services personnel along with the necessary administrative, managerial, operational and logistical support to the energy industry anywhere in the U.S. This includes protecting energy facilities against sabotage of equipment and theft, as well as controlling site access, determining the extent of the threatening situations, assessing the extent of such threats, summoning reinforcements and exerting force to prevent or delay malicious acts. To help SCIS maintain the highest level of client service, we use performance standards and practices that are objectively tested and measured.


Key Offerings

  • Adherence to the stringent federal regulatory environment
  • Industry leading human performance and safety program
  • Largest ISFSI (Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation) contract security provider in the US. Read more about SCIS Decommissioning & ISFSI experience
  • Specialized management experience securing facilities throughout the decommissioning process
  • Proactive planning for force-on-force and other regulatory inspections
  • Best practice model for contingency preparation and planning
  • Committed to delivering on the Nuclear Promise
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