At SCIS our employees take seriously their mission surrounding National security. We have a history rooted in integrity and serving the Nation’s most critical missions. With over 12,000 current employees – many of whom possess security clearances – we have built a culture where National security is embedded in our daily operations.

The SCIS Difference


What sets SCIS apart from the rest is the many programs and opportunities that support our most valued asset: our employees. Employees of the SCIS Investigations Division are empowered to be part of the solution to grow the business, help drive performance, and create an environment where employees – regardless of position or geography – are positioned for success.


A cornerstone of the SCIS philosophy is two-way communication.  Too often a corporate, top-down culture overlooks the value of employee input and instead characterizes a single email blast to employees as effective communication. At SCIS we take a different approach, having established numerous communications vehicles and inviting constructive feedback from all employees.  Many times suggestions are embraced and an individual employee leads a team to investigate or implement a new solution or address a concern.

Key Differentiators


Communication: SCIS encourages effective, two-way communication across the program.


Career Advancement: SCIS is committed to providing a workplace where each employee can succeed and have opportunities to experience different positions in Background Investigations, with the opportunity to move about the larger SCIS business.


Training Opportunities: SCIS understands that employee growth and development require an opportunity to participate in training programs offered by the company. As such, SCIS has a special online learning platform and is working on building e-learning courses specific to background investigations.


Meritocracy: Employees are rewarded and advance within the organization based solely on total performance. At SCIS, we understand that an employee’s evaluation should take into account the total performance of the employee – not just sheer numbers.


National Presence: 7 divisional support offices across the country with managers physically based in 20 plus states.


In sum, what sets us apart is the philosophy that employees provide valuable contributions and should be provided opportunities to develop personally and professionally.

Smiling colleagues discussing working ideas in office