Leadership Team

Doug Steele



Doug Steele joined Securitas Critical Infrastructure Services, Inc. (SCIS) in November 2014 as Vice President of Investigations and Business Development with the objective of building a new business sector for SCIS. Mr. Steele is responsible for SCIS’ investigations offerings to complement the company’s other commercial and government service lines. His background includes over 20 years of experience in the personnel investigations and personnel security arena, including senior operational, strategic, and business leadership positions in both the federal and private sectors.


Prior to joining SCIS, Mr. Steele served as Principal and Managing Director of multiple nationwide federal investigations and inspections programs while focusing on productivity, policy, quality assurance, integrity, and new technology solutions. He previously served as a senior member of the government’s policy arm charged with drafting policy, executive orders, and federal regulations impacting personnel security and investigative standards.


Mr. Steele’s work also included design and implementation of Integrity Assurance protocols governing the background investigations and personnel security framework within government. A native of New York, he is a Six Sigma Black Belt and a recipient of the Innovation in Leadership certificate from MIT’s Sloan School of Management. Mr. Steele is a member of numerous professional associations in the personnel security space. He graduated from the University of Richmond with a Bachelor of the Arts degree in International Relations and Economics and also attended The American University in Washington, DC.

Heather Overton

Director, Operations and Compliance


Heather Overton joined SCIS in November 2014 and brings a wealth of personnel security and background investigations experience to her position as Director, Operations and Compliance with SCIS.


In addition to her 19+ years of experience supporting and leading a wide spectrum of personnel security contracts, Ms. Overton has depth in building, coordinating, recruiting, training, and managing front and back office programs. Her strong operational and business development orientation includes supporting major contracts from prospecting to implementation.


Ms. Overton has extensive Field Investigator, Quality Control, Integrity Assurance and Management experience, having served in various leadership roles on several background investigations contracts. Her responsibilities include chief oversight of all Quality Assurance, Training and Development, and Integrity Programs.


Ms. Overton has a long and successful track record of managing dynamic and evolving personnel security programs to deliver performance excellence. She is a native of Chicago and graduated from Radford University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice.

Ryan Jefferson

Regional Field Director (East)


Ryan Jefferson joined SCIS in October 2016 as Regional Field Director (East). He is responsible for every aspect of field management operations within the region, including effectively managing large, field-based teams throughout multi-state territories focused on exceeding customer requirements and employee satisfaction.


Mr. Jefferson began his career in the personnel security investigations industry over 15 years ago as a Field Investigator in the Norfolk, VA area. He has served in several leadership positions since that time, including Field Team Leader, District Manager, and Regional Field Director.

Amanda Markwith

Regional Field Director (West)


Amanda Markwith joined SCIS in October 2016 as Regional Field Director (West). She is responsible for the strategic vision and direction for the Field Team Leaders, Case Assignment Coordinators, and Field Investigators within the region to optimize the workload, resource, and timeliness challenges facing the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA) contract.


Ms. Markwith started working in the background investigations industry over 16 years ago as a Field Investigator in New York City. Over the years, she has served in several leadership positions including District Manager, Team Leader, and Regional Director. She also previously served as the Deputy Program Manager of the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) contract, which is now the DCSA contract, where she oversaw inspections, and Vice President of Logistics and Planning, which coordinated workload strategy and assignments across several government contracts.

Shelley Meyers

Regional Field Director (Central)


Shelley Meyers joined SCIS in November 2016 as the Regional Field Director (Central). She is responsible for leading her team in delivering exemplary customer service to our federal customers.


Ms. Meyers’ career in this industry began as a Background Investigator in Dayton, OH in 2002. Her diverse experience includes positions as a Field Trainer, Team Leader, Project Manager, District Manager, and Regional Director. These experiences were instrumental in forming her approach to the mission we support here at SCIS.

Kyle Werley

Regional Field Director (DC Metro)


Kyle Werley is the Regional Field Director (DC Metro), overseeing daily field operations as well as strategic planning. Mr. Werley’s approach to leadership involves balancing customer service and a people-first approach. He joined SCIS in February 2017 as a Field Team Leader. Since starting his career in background investigations over 14 years ago, he has gained a wealth of experience in the background investigations industry in various field-based capacities and leadership roles.

Jaime Benfer

National Business Integration Manager


Jaime Benfer joined SCIS in February 2017 as a Field Team Leader in the Central Region before moving into her current role of National Business Integration Manager (NBIM) in July 2018. She is responsible for business development, integration of new contracts, and oversight of some of our small business partners, as well as a myriad of special projects throughout the Investigations Program. Ms. Benfer has been in the industry for 17 years since starting as an Investigator in Harrisburg, PA.

Andy Crouse

Quality Assurance Manager


Andy Crouse joined SCIS in October 2016 as Quality Control Manager (QCM) and was since promoted to Quality Assurance Manager (QAM). He is responsible for every aspect of Case Review Operations, the Field Liaison Help Team, and Internal Records Team. These three teams are located primarily in western Pennsylvania and are focused on exceeding customer requirements to include both the highest level of quality but also the strict timeliness guidelines of the contract. One of the top priorities for Mr. Crouse and the teams he oversees is fostering and maintaining a strong and supportive relationship with their coworkers in the field.


Mr. Crouse began his career in the personnel security investigations industry over 15 years ago as a Case Reviewer in Boyers, PA. He has served in several leadership positions since that time, including Case Review Manager, Director of Review Operations, and QCM.

Zoran Jurkin

National Quality Field Manager


Zoran Jurkin joined SCIS in March 2017 as a Field Team Leader within the Eastern Region before moving into his current role of National Quality Field Manager (NQFM) in May 2018. Mr. Jurkin is responsible for leveraging data analytics, process efficiencies, and tools and technology platforms to drive overall field quality performance. With a national scope in mind, Mr. Jurkin works closely with the Field, Training, and Review functions to ensure the Reports of Investigation (ROIs) consistently meet high quality standards to exceed customer, business, and Investigations Program expectations. Mr. Jurkin also leads a team of Regional Mentors whose mission is to improve performance and efficiencies.


Mr. Jurkin began his career in the personnel security investigations industry over 17 years ago as an Investigator working in northern New Jersey. He has served in multiple Field, Training, and Leadership capacities throughout the years.

Mike Reynolds

Director of Security


Mike Reynolds joined SCIS in November 2016 as the Integrity Assurance (IA) Officer. In this position, he was responsible for establishing and leading the IA Department, which includes IA, Retention, Record Validations, and Inspections. Mr. Reynolds is currently the Director of Security for SCIS Investigations. He leads all aspects of personnel security for the Investigations Program as well as oversees its IA Department.


Mr. Reynolds began his career in the personnel security investigations industry in 2000 as a Case Reviewer. He has served in several other capacities since that time, including Quality Control Officer (QCO), Team Leader (TL), and various other management positions.