Aerospace & Defense

The Aerospace & Defense Sector secures highly sensitive controlled facilities on a national, regional and local basis. As the national security provider for many of the top Department of Defense, aerospace and intelligence contractors, SCIS is qualified to provide “cleared protective services” to classified facilities.


The SCIS Aerospace & Defense Difference

Specializing in servicing Aerospace and Defense industries, with an emphasis on those customers requiring multiple agency level security clearances (DOD, DOE, DHS, etc.).


Providing government regulated security services to eight of the top ten DOD civilian contractors.


Utilizing an industry-leading Performance Management Program that goes beyond standard quality control programs.

Specialized Structure


Created and structured specifically for the purpose of providing “cleared protective services” to classified facilities, 90% of our employees in this division hold a federal security clearance. The processing of security clearances for our personnel and the expansive industry-specific training that we provide them are the reasons we exist.


That approach is ingrained in our corporate culture. As such we have developed a successful and speedy process to expedite the approval of security clearances (e.g., designated Assistant Facility Security Officers [AFSO] located in key geographic areas), with established e-QIP and DISS procedures in all offices plus accurate and timely responses for NISP requirements.


We remain the industry leader in securing highly sensitive controlled facilities on a national, regional and local level.

Cleared Protective Services Features

Armed and Unarmed Security Guards
Access Control
Visitor Escort Services
Global Support Services

Cleared Administrative Services Features

Reception Functions

Badge and ID Functions

Mail Services

Document Control

Classified/Internal Materials Destruction

Clearance/Visitor Management

SCIS offers a wide range of value added security solutions to fit our clients needs.

What Our Customers Are Saying…

Securitas Critical Infrastructure Services combination of service delivery, skills, experience, and out of the box thinking has set the bar as a security service provider. Our global company has utilized SCIS for over 9 years providing regular guard, investigation and special services. We also count on SCIS to provide specialized government industrial security support.
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