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As organizations adapt to the “next normal” of administering both safe and secure access to their properties, SCIS and Paragon are delivering COVID-19 crisis-specific expertise. Our health screening and contact tracing services are based on dynamic and continually evolving best practices and protocols identified across our diverse client base.

Our Specialties

Securitas Critical Infrastructure Services  (SCIS) is the leader in specialized operations providing security, fire, emergency response, investigations, inspections, cybersecurity, and mission support services to the U.S. Federal Government and other critical infrastructure clients.

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As the security provider for many of the top Department of Defense, aerospace, and intelligence contractors, SCIS is qualified to provide “cleared protective services” to classified facilities.


Since 1968, we provide specialized protective services for owners and operators of nuclear power, fuel storage, and energy facilities.

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The primary mission of the Investigations Sector is to collect and report information for the vetting of Federal civilian, military, and contractor personnel.


SCIS brings you experience in assessing your facility and possible scenarios to find cost-effective ways to enhance your overall fire service program.


 Safeguarding U.S. technology and assisting our customers around the world in meeting their export compliance, government mandates, and other internal needs is at the core of SCIS Global Support Services (GSS).


SCIS Aviation services provide specialized airport-related security services throughout the U.S.

Securitas Critical Infrastructure Services, Inc. (SCIS)

SCIS is one of the largest providers in the United States of specialized security, fire, and emergency response services to meet Federal Government security requirements in the Aerospace, Defense, and Energy industries.

Working At Securitas

If you are looking for a chance to make a difference, Securitas Critical Infrastructure Services is the place for you. As a team, we can help build a safer society.

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