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More cyber-attacks on public and private organizations occurred last year than in any previous year and we can only expect to continue to see an increase in these attacks and their impact as our world becomes more and more dependent on the internet and cloud-based services. This is not a revelation for anyone paying attention. From the insider threat to supply chain security, now more than ever our common threat vectors have both electronic and physical footprints. With the rise in sophistication of attacks and the amplified vulnerabilities of our increasingly ‘connected’ world, are we capitalizing on the resources and preventative measures of both cyber and physical security programs to mitigate risk effectively?


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Post Orders are the backbone of any security program. They clearly define the duties and actions taken by personnel. Whether the focus is access controls, command center dispatch protocols, visitor policies, or other disciplines, clearly documented expectations are imperative. All too often this primary documentation is lacking for security officers. The procedures listed may be out of date, inconclusive, vague or poorly written. Ultimately, setting set staff and the program itself up for failure.


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Your supply chain is only as good as its weakest link. As the Defense Security Service (DSS) transition continues with risk based requirements and initiatives well beyond traditional areas of responsibility, it is critical for prime contractors to secure their own assets and information but also insure their supplier partners are doing the same.


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Regardless of the industry or type of facility, premises liability is a major business risk concern for any entity and its labor force. While we are all aware of the litigious society that we live in, it’s not enough to hope that people will always follow procedures, use common sense, or manage to go above and beyond the call to support.


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Security personnel are well versed in the ‘Run, Hide, Fight’ mantra. However, there is a challenge: reaching the remaining employees. How do we ensure that all employees understand today’s workplace threats?


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