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Being Vigilant


Avoiding complacency can be a challenge for any organization. This is why SCIS has made Vigilance one of its primary values. Complacency usually begins with small events that can, over time, snowball and lead to major problems that can inhibit an organization’s mission and goals. For security professionals, it can open the door and increase the likelihood of becoming a softer target for terrorist activity.


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Identity Theft Prevention


We live in a digital world where a growing threat from cyber thieves exists. In preparing for the holiday season, we should acknowledge our vulnerability to identity theft, as evidenced by the numerous data breaches making headlines. Understanding and awareness can mean the difference between proactively preventing a crime or reactively spending months, if not years, repairing the damage.


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Responding to An Active Shooter


Active shooting has become a common cause of occupational fatalities in recent times, with instances occurring in schools, offices, shopping malls and other public places. It is essential to know how to react when you face such an incident. Being aware of safety strategies can help you not just stay safe, but also help save the lives of many. An untrained person is likely to react with fear, helplessness and panic. A trained person on the other hand, can make a big difference to himself or herself, to the people around, and to the situation.


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