The Petrochemical Sector provides security services to the oil, natural gas (ONG) and chemical industries.



Our operations include upstream facilities, pipe line companies, tank farms, refineries, chemical plants, chemical distribution warehouses, and corporate campuses. With more than 2,600 specially trained Security Officers and industry experts, we can provide clients the personnel and technological resources required to accomplish security’s evolving missions.


As a global leader in security, SCIS has the resources to meet the needs of our clients during turnarounds, natural disasters and other business emergencies. Together with environmental, health and safety regulations, security is a major regulatory area and, in the oil and natural gas (ONG) and chemical sectors, regulatory compliance is critical.


The Petrochemical Difference

• Regulatory knowledge and compliance

• Safety expertise

• Unparalleled response capability

• Benchmark training and technology

• Proactive management

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